The next months are critical in terms of ensuring that Heathrow is not allowed to introduce new flight paths directly over our area. If you do not think the Heathrow expansion will impact you then...

  1. Watch the videos of people in South London currently living under a Heathrow flight path, and feel their suffering- this could be you in two years time!! (We are even closer to Heathrow, so planes are likely to fly even lower)
  2. Read the Times article (18 June 2019 ) on the very real impact noise levels have on health - psychologically and physiologically - and the very alarming impact on childhood development.
  3. Look at the following map which confirms where Heathrow is proposing to introduce a flight path including directly over our Bayswater area. Follow this link for a large and interactive version of the map

We need 100,000 signatures to secure a parliamentary debate and we are desperately short of that figure. Each of you have your own set of personal and professional networks and we need your help to spread our message and ensure “it’s not a done deal”. Every household member can sign the petitions, please encourage them to do so.