Alarming Wake-Up Call. New Heathrow flight path directly over our areas. Arrivals concentrated in the early morning with 18+ flights between 6:00-7:00 am, daily directly above our homes. Sometimes earlier! To understand the noise implications, see below.

  1. WATCH THE VIDEO to get an idea of the high level of noise experienced when living directly under a flight path at a similar height to the new IPA flight path proposed over our area. (In fact we are even closer to Heathrow, so the planes will fly even lower over us).
  2. Read the Times article (18 June 2019 ) on the very real impact noise levels have on health - psychologically and physiologically - and the very alarming impact on childhood development.
  3. Heathrow’s consultation papers show that some airplane noise levels in our area will exceed 65 decibels. This compares to the noise a vacuum cleaner makes one metre away.
  4. Look at the following map which confirms where Heathrow is proposing to introduce a flight path at 2,000- 3,000 ft directly over us.