Consultation Guidelines

Heathrow is currently consulting on the 3rd runway and the proposed more intensive use of the existing two runways ( Early growth / Independent Parallel Approaches) .These two initiatives will together lead to 281,000 additional flights flying over London.

The consultation provides an important opportunity for residents, local councils, businesses etc to provide feedback on Heathrow’s proposals.

It is important that you respond to the consultation as Heathrow must review all responses and adapt proposals accordingly.

The deadline for completing your consultation response is 13 September .

Please note that the Heathrow consultation has been designed to be as complicated and complex to complete as possible (this appears to be part of their strategy).

The consultation is also worrying in that it neglects to consult on key aspects like aviation generated air pollution, it appears to instead focus on the surface generated pollution in and around the airport. We have highlighted this in our sample answers.

We have tried to simplify the process for you, by selecting six questions that we feel are particularly relevant. These six questions cover health, air and noise pollution and the introduction of the new flight paths.

We have also produced sample answers to the six questions, so that you can refer to them. There is a page for each of the six questions. You just click on the link on each page which leads you directly to the question in the actual consultation. You can then respond, referring to the sample answer if helpful.

To start your consultation response you can either follow this link and access the full consultation, or click on the box below to go directly to the six questions we believe are most relevant and our sample responses.

Sample Questions and Responses
Our more detailed consultation brief is available via this link.